Suzanne Slair and Matt Joiner- New South Showcase

John Keane Studios, Athens, Ga

July 30th is the next New South Showcase live recording, and it is in the famed studios of Grammy-winning producer and engineer John Keane!!

Two amazing artists, Suzanne Slair from LA brings her band from LA, and locals also perfoming with her are Karen Pinkie Bergmann on cello, Susan Staley on vocals, Andy Carlson on violin. Her wide open, "tell it like it is" brand of Punk Folk Rock Americana is addictive!

Matt Joiner is a beloved local Athenian, and everyone knows he packs a musical whallop! John Keane will accompany both on guitar and Clay Hinson will be on the assist. Come witness and be a part of the New South Showcase family!

There are only 30 seats for this show. Reservations are required. 15.00/byob each reservation will get a link to the finished show before it airs.

newsouthshowcase@gmail.com reservations/information